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My Coop
We got our 4 pretty buff orpingtons the first week of April from MMcM hatchery. They were supposed to be AT LEAST 4 weeks old---Our first backyard chicken keeping experience! Our darling girls are so loving and tons of fun! I have no idea how old they really are now, but actually the smallest and lowest in the pecking order, Maisie, is the only one with bright red wattles and comb. We got our nesting boxes ready with straw and fake eggs, thinking that maybe in the next month or so we might have one or more laying! Have not seen any squatting yet, or heard an egg song, but these hens look pretty 'grown up' to us.
Anyway, they LOVE grapes more than anything else and every AM when let out to forage they run the the patio. They peek in our kitchen windows and 'whine' and beg, and of course they get their grapes! They even jump up to get one! I took these photos just a few minutes ago and hope you enjoy them!

Our girls are Priscilla (Prissy) aka the big kahuna, Bella, Hannah, and Maisie~

They sure are pretty! :)

Buff Orpingtons are generally one of the later maturing breeds. White Leghorns for example usually start to lay at 16-18 weeks, Rhode Island Reds at 18-23 weeks, and Buff Orpingtons at 21-28 weeks. But I still love the Buffs, particularly McMurray's strain. :)
Thanks so much! It is our first time with chickens. We chose to order from MMcM after finding them online and the experience was great. We just LOVE our girls! I am guessing they are probably about 18 to 20 weeks old...As you can see in my former post, Maisie, who is lowest on the pecking order and the smallest is perfectly formed and the ONLY one with bright red comb and wattles. I thought early on she might be younger but I think she was just more compact---would not suprise me if she lays first. I agree with you---BO's are the BEST!

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