My 7 week old chickens won't go into the coop at night

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7 Years
Dec 29, 2012
I moved my 7 week old chickens to a elevated coop with a ladder to an enclosed run. I put the chickens into the coop for a day and then opened the door to the run. They would not go outside. After a few hours I "encouraged" them out side. Now they will not go in at night. They slept outside all huddled up. How do I get them to go in at night and out in the morning?
It may be the ladder is too steep or otherwise too difficult for them to use, or they are just afraid of it or haven't learned how to use it yet. It may be there is not enough air exchange in the coop to suit them, especially if you are in a warm climate. Keepping them in for a day should have gotten the idea across. It may even be there is a rat or other critter hding in there. You could try bribing them in and out.

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