My 7yo lakenvelder, i think has curly toe


May 31, 2020
The left foot startedcurling under yesterday. Doing research it could be iron or B2 deficiency. Went to tractor supply for some vitamins. I then got home and stronger 1.5ml by mouth. Most went down the esophagus. However, for the past 8 hours she has been wheezing. So she aspirated some vits. I am very concerned. I am sure its a eait and see thing. I do have amoxi drops. Advice??


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
She will probably be alright in time. It is best not to give liquid medicines or water more than a few drops at a time, 1/4 to 1/2 ml or so. Let them swallow that and repeat. To give medicine, hold them in one arm and pry the beak open and pull down on wattles with the same hand. Then squirt in a little medicine, release wattles to swallow and repeat.

Is your chicken able to move the leg? Could she have suffered an injury to her leg? Have you added any new birds to your flock in the last few months?

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