My 9yr old built himself a bator


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May 2, 2009
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Dad helped him with the heavy lifting, and we told him he could scavenge whatever he'd like in the house. He found the fish tank bator and went from there, I'm checking temps for him tonight, but it should be good to go tomorrow. I'll post pics tomorrow (1 AM here), but so far it's at 88 deg.
wow! That is great! He will have to enter it in the science fair at his school when they have one!! I can't wait to see what he hatches!!! YAY!! Way to go little guy!!
I hope it all goes well - Ever see a Dome incubator one of the cheap ones ? they use foil covering to keep the temp if it stays low you may want to try something like that --- Always good to parents actually getting their kids involved --
That is sooo great. Good for him and good for his supportive, encouraging parents!

This could also be a GREAT science project if he enjoys it!
I might be able to donate some eggs to this science project..... quail eggs that is muahahhahahahahahhahahah come over to the dark side.....
I hope your kid's bator goes well. I can just see him out by the road in a month sitting behind a converted lemonade stand screaming "chicks for sale!"
Air flow is pumped in via an air stone. We had to tweak the heat setting somewhat and we're doing a second test this AM. Since we're in SoCal the countertop can heat to 99 during the day, so we're working on controling the temp.

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