My all to timid young rooster, little red


Keeper of tiny dinos
Apr 17, 2019
This is little red, a heritage Rhode island red. He was hatched as a school project so he was handled often. When we got him at about a month old, he was already coming when called. We gave him his name and he learned it after a few days of use. He lived in our grow out coop that we call the chick magnet for a few months with some slightly younger chicks. But they all out grew it. So we moved them into the main flock. But he was so timid that all the hens and other roosters started to harass him, so we had no choice but to put him back in the chick magnet with our youngest (at the time) chicks. He didn't care that they were so much younger then him and let the half feathered chicks climb all over him. They used him like a momma heating pad at night and even slept on his back. He became their protector. But as he started to reach his more adult size, we realized he started to get to big to easily go through the door to outside the sheltered coop part. So we took him out to start integrating him into the flock again. He was in a crate at night, and allowed to free range with the flock during the day. But he always stays close to the chick magnet. Finally, tonight, the main flock (after removing the other young roos we didn't want) let him stay in the coop with them tonight. Albeit not on the roost with them yet. We want to possibly have him take over for our aging head rooster.


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