My avocado pit has roots!


9 Years
Apr 14, 2010
Johnson City, Tn
Just trying to enjoy one of lifes simple things.

We're doing a major renovation to our house and part of it is adding a large glass atrium column onto the Southern side of our house. On of the things that I've wanted to do in there besides get bamboo and wisteria growing as habitat for the release of some geckos is to get an avocado tree/bush growing as well. I looked last night an voila' there are roots from the pit that i started a few weeks back.
We do this at least once a year, I buy two avocados, we have avocado salad, which I love and DH tolorates and then I root the pits. I have two in my kitchen window now that are about 8" high. My DH says that if we didn't have at least two avocados rooting in on the windowsill it won't feel like home. They go from the window to the sunroom, the biggest one I ever had got 5' tall.

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