My babies found the kale **pics**


Snuggles with Chickens
9 Years
Apr 29, 2010
Rockport, Tx
Well, my 3 wk olds found the garden. I hope its OK for them to eat little bits of kale (I know it has lots of calcium) because they REALLY liked it. They just look so darn cute, I didn't even mind that they made such a mess!



And here we are chillin':

And this picture was hard to take: I had to use the hand with the chicken on my shoulder:

I just love my chickens!
Awww! They look so cute in the plants..

Yes, Kale is GOOD for them.... i grow it every year for mine...
they are adorable! Mine love kale but I have to 'supervise' or cut some and throw it in the run for them. They will demolish it.....It's great because kale has such a nice long season!!
NYRIR; they are trampling-these photos just don't show it. The Kale is pretty big, you should see the chickweed, or, I should say where the chickweed was. They're still kinda little but getting heavier by the day. They've been happy with just the sand/dirt and grass/weeds but they have now circum-navigated the yard. No bug or plant is safe!
Ok... note to self, don't let our baby chicks near the kale. AND, our Kale needs a bigger home. (I just planted seeds but I don't think I gave it enough space if it's going to get that big!) Your babies are beautiful!

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