My Barred Rock Hen troubles?


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Jul 3, 2022
Okay, a few things here. I have said in previous posts that Mrs. Bok-bok lives in my garden bathtub. She had been doing very well until recently. She did have fowl crop. She has only had scabs once (they are long gone), but continues to have what look kind of like bruises on her beak and feet.
It was suggested to me to give her some TLC; so for the first time ever, I trimmed her nails (got a bit of the quick on a couple; hey, it's my first time!) and rubbed olive oil (don't have any petroleum jelly) on her comb, wattles, legs, and feet. I haven't taken her outside yet because honestly it's just way too hot right now (105 without heat index!).
I'm posting a couple pictures of the bottom of her feet, because I don't know if this is normal. The pad in the center is a bit pink.
Also, she's been very quiet for a few days, when normally we "talk" several times a day. :(
Her comb and wattles seem to be a bit drained of blood. :(
And, she hasn't been laying eggs for a while.
She seems to open her beak to adjust her crop a lot, but I don't know how much is "normal".
I appreciate any assistance in these matters! She's my only grown hen right now, but I've got 35 babies in various stages of getting there. I have so much to learn!


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She had Fowl Pox or Fowl Crop?
Check to make sure her crop is emptying overnight. If it isn't then read the article linked below.

The feet look like a bird that has not been on ground in a long time and possible staying on damp bedding. Keep her bedding dry.

It would be really good to get her out in the sunshine as previously mentioned in your other thread. She's quite pale. Chickens need fresh air, sunshine and to be on dirt so they can chicken.

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