My BR Roo is sick. not sure what to do

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  1. My BR roo 'Blu' is having issues and I hope I am treating him right. he has always had runny poo, not diahrrea, but not solid. He is an April ckick. raised with 11 others. great appitite, energetic, typical roo, except he is such a love buttons. two weeks ago, he started to get really watery diahr. he started to get really lethargic, wont go outside, i thought maybe he ate to much cantalope, or tomatoes, or whatever. So i took them all off the fruit and etc. and let them only have their crumbles. He went to straight water. very little solids and what was there was just some crumbles that he passed. His eye has been watering pretty bad too. No infection, just water. Friday i said enough is enough, its not food, he has something. I went and got tetracycline and some vitamin supliment for his water. got him on that friday night. he stopped eathing friday but i got the water with antibiodic down him. He is thirsty as all, so there's been no problem getting him to drink. Saturday morning i went to the coop and he was all fluffed up on the perch looking really bad. I got the water and anti. down him and he just shook all over. That's it. Took him inside with me, made him some scrambled eggs and yogurt. I sat with him on the floor most of the day and managed to get two eggs and 3/4 of a small container of yougurt down him. more water, some gatorade, etc. He seemed to perk up a bit and actually talked to me a little. he sounded pretty hoarse to me. like he has a soar throat or something. Poo was still all water (clear) and volitale. He sprayed it half way across the floor in the kitchen. (thank goodness for linoleum!) he went back into the coop that night (i didnt have a separate holder for him and he seemed a lot better by the end of the day) kept him on the antibiod. three times a day in his water. Sunday morn. i go out and he's on his perch. looks a little better. Kept up with more scrambled eggs, yogurt, and antibio. early SUnday evening he got off the perch, hit the ground, and went to the waterer and the food dish. He wanted a piece of bread that was on the floor, wanted the crumbles, and headed for some scratch that i had put out on the floor for the others. Maybe getting better??? I did not see any poo last night to know if that was any better. My others do not seem to have any simptoms at all of what he had/has. I did not medicate any of the others, just Blu.

    I did check for sourcrop and i dont think that is/was an issue. I massaged it, felt around, smelled him, etc. all seemed fine.

    What else can I do? Does this sound like a bug?
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    Have you ever wormed your chickens? could be a problem. But don't think you should worm while he's still on antibiotics. Hopefully someone else will come along with more support so I'll give ya a bump. I don't know a thing about antibiotics haven't had to use them yet, but giving him yogurt while on the antibiotics is a good thing to keep gut flora balanced.
  3. any other suggestions????
  4. no help for my roo.........
  5. he has died. and i dont know if there was anything else i could do or what was wrong, or what i should do.

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    Hard to say what the problem was, really. Could have been a combination of issues. Sorry you lost your boy.
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    From looking here are on the forum, the respiratory issues are running rampant right now. It could have been something like that. Many times, by the time they show any symptoms, there really isn't much to do.
    I'm so sorry for the loss of your boy. [​IMG]
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    Just seeing this. I'm so sorry...... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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