My broody just hatched chicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) I have questions


11 Years
Dec 2, 2008
Good Morning!!! I just woke up to find my broody has two babies sitting under her with 1 or 2 more to go.

I have a large coop, run, and fenced in area for my chickens but pecking unmercifully has been an ongoing problem which sparked the fenced in area expansion.

I am afraid that my older chickens will hurt the babies.

I have three 4 week old chicks still in the brooder, all feathered out.

I have a separate fenced in area of chain link (was supposed to be used as a dog kennel) about 5' x 10' ... should I move my broody and her new chicks once they all hatch out into that (I will chicken wire it so the little buggers cant slip out) ???

Do you think I can move the 4 week olds in there with the new mommy and babies ?? Im really itching to get them out of the brooder.

If I should do this, how long should I wait before integrating all my new additions to the existing flock????

I really need some ideas here!!!
If you have a pecking issue, definitely move the mama and babies for a week or two into the other fenced area. Then move them back with the others once she and the babies have gained some experience. This is what we have started doing the last two years. It works very well. As far as the 4 weekers, yes mama will beat them until they die most likely. If they can wait a week or two until mama and babies are OK with the others that is probably your best bet.
CONGRATULATIONS! There's nothing like a mama hen and her babies.
Yeah, I agree, the mom will go after the 4 week olds after they go after the baby chicks, which they will most likely do.... I'd move mom and babies into the dog kennel, and then integrate the 4 week olds in with your older birds. In situations like that, it helps to put up some chicken wire in the coop, to section off a spot for the new ones... that way the older ones get used to seeing them and being around them, but can't hurt them. This would work for both the 4 week olds or mom and her babies
When you release the new ones into the flock, it also sometimes help for there to be a small opening into the sectioned off area so the new ones can get in (escape) but the older ones can't follow.
Congratulations on the new babies! How exciting!

Definitely separate momma and her babies from the others.

I have read somewhere that, if you are going to mix new birds in, the best time to do it is during the night. (Personally I would go the "have them near each other but not able to get to each other" route first, but that is my cautious, overprotective nature talking.) Put the new ones on the roost and they supposedly are accepted better than if you added them to the coop during the day.

Take plenty of pics! Momma should be so proud of herself for hatching them.

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