My Call Ducks Placed 1st at County Fair


Ozark Bantams
12 Years
Apr 11, 2007
Southeast Missouri
Our local county fair kicked off earlier this week. In addition to all the arts and crafts exhibits, the fair featured a livestock and poultry exhibition. I don’t generally raise chickens for show or competition; however, I do work toward conforming our hobby flock of black cochin bantams to “type” (i.e. breed characteristics). As such, I decided to enter a pair of our cochin bantams, as well as a pair of call ducks, in this year’s county fair. To my pleasure and surprise, our white call duck pair won 1st Place in the Duck Class and our cochin bantam pair won 2nd Place in the Exotic Poultry Class. Needless to say, I was very pleased with how are birds placed and with the feedback generated by our birds. Just thought I'd share...

Congratulations! Looks like your hard work is paying off; I think your Cochins are beautiful!
Thanks everyone. I was certainly pleased. If any of you have bantam ducks, you may want to check out the link in my signature line.

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