My chicken ate a baby bird- should I be concerned?


In the Brooder
Apr 15, 2022
My best guess is that a baby bird (it was teeny and still translucent) fell out of our tree and my chicken found it and ate it! Of course as soon as I realized what it was (my daughter said " Lucy what's in your mouth?" and honestly I thought it was a worm until I saw a beak) she swallowed it.

Besides the obvious yuck factor, is there anything I should worry about? Will it make her sick?
No, it won't make your chicken sick, but you may notice her crop is still containing the hatchling over the next week. It can take a number of days for the natural acid in the crop and digestive system to completely dissolve it. But chickens are perfectly equipped to deal with such large items, and it shouldn't be a problem.

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