My chicken is looking sickly.

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  1. I went out to the coop this morning to "unfreeze"my girl's water.I picked up"Coco" one of my two beautiful brown white leghorns and I noticed that her crown was very white and it is usually the deepest red of all of my girls.So then I also saw a few red marks on her crown that look to be like blood.I lokked in the nesting boxes and they seemed to have quite a bit of blood in them.I picked her up and she slept in my arms like she usually does for a few minutes. When I let her down,she walked very very slowly (wich is not at all like her) into the nesting box area and went into a corner and fell asleep.Having the first frost of the season last night, could this have anything to do with how cold it got(20 degrees farenheit) last night?Can chickens get hypothermia?Please help!!!
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    How enclosed is your coop? Chickens deal with cold much better than they do heat, but if there is a strong draft, it can affect them. You want a coop that is draft free, but still well ventillated.

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