my chicken is not eating, acts lethargic and is very thin

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    My 7 month old bantam polish pullet was shipped to us a week and a half ago. The previous owner said she was fine and healthy. Since arrival, she has stopped eating, just sits with her tail and wings hung low. She acts very lethargic (which could be from lack of energy of not eating). We have been force feeding her wet feed(a mixture of medicated chick starter and crumbles), feeding her tomatoes and cottage cheese for protein, and giving her water from a dropper. She holds her head up ok. She does not have runny stools. She does not have any mites or lice. She does not sneeze or have any drainage. Vent looks normal. She will occasionally shake out her feathers or shake her head as if trying to shake off dirt. She also will open her mouth on occasion like something is stuck in her throat, but we looked in and could see almost down to her crop. The interventions we have done so far is force feeding, brought her in the house, gave her a pill wormer, and have been giving her poultry vitamins. Any thoughts???? Should I givr her a dose of antiobiotics? We called our state vet, and they wanted to bring her in to the cost of $300, and that is just impossible. We love her, but Santa would be broke. We gave the wormer yesterday, so I'm waiting to see if that helps. Help, please!!

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    It will sound silly but I am wondering if chickens can get traveling sickness like people do. And or some type of cold/respiratory thing. Was there a climate change? A good place to get answers is to post your question on illness/diseases section. There are links given to help. Best wishes.
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    It could be stress over acclimating to a new home. Since she's new to your place it could also be that she's trying to fight off a strain of cocci she hasn't previously been in contact with. Given that possibility I'd do a round of Corid just to make sure. Then maybe some vitamins and probiotic's.

    As far as antibiotic's, I don't generally give them unless I have a really good idea what I'm treating and which one to use.

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