My chicken is well named, Lucky

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    So last night I do my usual, round up the chicks (2 months old) and put them in the grow out box. Quack and wait for my two ducks to quack back (easiest way to find them and know they are where they are supposed to be. Then I go and do a head count of my big girls and close the pop door.

    But just as I reach the coop, I hear one of my chickens "scream" and my dogs go nuts. At first I was confused as to where the noise is coming from (its dark out there). Then I realize that the noise is coming from my dog pen! I have a dog that has already killed one chicken and injured another. He is a good dog but kills chickens, we are trying to find him a new home and build a more secure run but neither has been completed yet. In the meantime I've put the dog on a chain so he can't reach the fence and snatch a possible chicken head. So I take off running around the coop to were the dogs are, all the while yelling NO! Leave it! And I see one of my SLW girls running to the "safe" area of the dog pen. The dog did stop and when I told him to go lay down, he did. I go into the dog pen and catch her. She is wet and I'm touching her every where to see if any blood is visible, thankfully none is found. The dog apparently only got a mouth full of tail feathers. She was panting hard and wasn't moving much, so I brought her in the house and put her in my "hospital" tote for the night. She is fine, still a little shaken but drinking fine, will place her back with the others this morning.

    By the way her name is Lucky. We named her that after surviving the first attack by the same dog.

    P.s. The other dog is chicken friendly and I often let her out with the chickens and to play with my son.
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    [​IMG] Good for Lucky and you [​IMG]

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