My chickens are getting too brave.


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Apr 15, 2012
Amberg, WI Near MI/WI border
About 10 minutes ago my 16 free range chickens decided that the flock of 40 something wild turkeys would be nice to meet. They have never left the yard and would not cross the road. They saw the turkeys and ran off to be with the turkeys across the road. The turkeys didn't mind and they began feeding together. When I ran outside the turkeys ran around the old abandoned barn across the road and the chickens followed. I let my oldest beagle out to hep me round them up. I found all of them on the other side of the barn. About 350-400 yards from their coop/ run. I brought bread with me and they immediately followed me home. Never had chickens where wild turkey also lived, but it was shocking watching them instantly mingle and run off together.

Would they ever run off permanently with a turkey flock?
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