My chickens arrived!


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Apr 19, 2015
South Wales, UK
Well, the hens arrived last night - 3 of them. They're ex-battery hens, 2 Hylines and a Maran, which have been on the farm for around 6 months, so they're fully recovered They seem to have already settled in and are feeding well this morning.

Later on, the lady whose farm it is (Lisa) says I can have some young point-of-lay chicks as the expected ones haven't arrived yet. She gave me a huge bowl of food and a sack of beautiful-smelling hay as well. And she wormed and flea-treated them before I left.

I need to find a way of saying thank you. She's on a diet and doesn't drink alcohol, so that was my first two thoughts out the window, lol.

Photos to follow when the rain isn't lashing down.

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