My chickens love the rain.. Is it bad?


6 Years
Sep 16, 2013
I always call them back to their coop when rain falls but a few minutes later they still free range in the rain eating grass and chasing bugs like its a clear day. They cant be stopped I don't know why. They only return to their coop when the rain is very heavy but still they get soaking wet first before returning. I'm worried they might get sick one day.
Chickens are waterproof to some extent, as long as you have shelter for them to hide in when the rain gets heavy they should be fine. Your chickens should know when they get too wet and will hide under shelter to dry off. After a rainy day my girls seem a bit soaked too but as they huddle together and preen, their feathers will dry.

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thank you so much for the reply! they are my first batch so I was really worried. It's raining here for a week so they get wet almost everyday. I mixed vitamins in their water because I thought its the only way I can help them

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