My chickies are HOT!


In the Brooder
Jun 27, 2016
Cedar Park, Texas
I have my chickies in a pretty ideal spot in the yard with plenty of shade during the peak hours but it's still Texas. Sometime I go and check on them in the afternoon and they look like they are attempting their last ditch effort to stay cool. I feel bad for them so I made them little Texas ('cause I'm proud) shaped ice cubes with green beans inside; they didn't go for it. Then I made them a nice little bundt cake shaped ice chunk with carrot shavings, still no go.
Can you offer any nice little treats I can offer my chickies to help them cool down?
Cut watermelon into wedges. Wrap in plastic wrap, freeze overnight. You can take a wedge out of the freezer and give it straight to the chickens. Mine will peck at it while it is still frozen and keep eating it as it thaws, and it keeps them busy for a while.
I once saw somewhere to prepare some cold water or ice in a little dish for them to stand in to cool down

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