My Chicks Are Here! - many pictures ;)


8 Years
Nov 13, 2011
My chicks were supposed to arrive on Monday so I was totally unprepared. I didn't have anything set up and at all and I was actually going to go buy everything I needed today. Well the post office calls at 7 am YOUR CHICKS ARE HERE! Of course I freak out "I don't have anything ready!!!!!!" So my mom and I went into town and got everything we needed then picked up the little peepers and headed home. I set everything up as fast as i could and everyone seems to be doing fine! Phew! I ordered 27 originally plus the free mystery chick and when I got all done counting, there was 31 lol. So I'm going to post all my pictures! And if you guys know any breeds shout them out because some I'm not sure of. AND also name suggestions please!!!! I'd love to here some! Oh and you know I'm so excited because I wanted two EE's and they would only let me order one because of limited availbilty but when i opened the box, they sent me two!! WOOT! (I'll post the chicks I'm questioning with numbers by there names)

Here's the first picture!

Another of them all!

This little guy:

A pile of chicks!

My little easter egger!

Sleeping chicks!

I think this is my black cochin

A little one drinking

Milling about

So cute!

My easter eggers:

3. My gold laced wyandotte

4. My Turken! IT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER, OMG SO ADORABLE. I'm so glad I got the little booger, she's already very spunky!

5. My buff cochin!

Ok now these are my question ones!
Number six I'm wondering if its a BLRW? I'm supposed to have four of these. So this is just one, the others I can't tell from teh pics I took.

Number 7 i think is this a blrw too?

Number eight, is this a white orp?

and number nine I'm qestioning as white orp too

I think number ten is a black cochin..

Number 11 I have no idea

Number 12, is this my silver spangled hamburg?

Number 13, I named Ave Maria. I can't tell what she is, I don't remember ordering one like her. She's SO sweet though, I just love her already.

number 14 is this my RIR, she's more darker colored when you see her not on the camera

number 15. This kind of looks like the one I thought was a partridge rock, but I can't tell.

number 16, minorca?

number 17, is this my other minorca? I also got a black jersey giant sooo...

number 19, I found two like this one. They are black, clean legs, and have white dots on their head. Could it be a lakenvelder?

Number 20, not sure with this one. Maybe this is the lakenvelder?

Number 21, not sure at all. I thought it was a welsummer but the hatchery doesn't have those. So maybe its another blrw?

Number 22, i think this is a speckled sussex

number 23, a red star or a bbuff orp?

Number 24, the other black with white on its head one.

number 25, a silvery colored one. Could be white orp or blrw?

Number 26, no idea for this one.

number 27, partridge rock?

Even if I can't identify them till their older, you get to see the pics!! I'M SO HAPPY! They are soooo precious and just so cute. Thanks for looking!


8 Years
Mar 11, 2011
Western WA
Oh my word, those are cute chicks! They'll fit in their box for about two more minutes, I bet :) I love the picture of the one asleep on the feed.


8 Years
Mar 11, 2011
Western WA
Can I borrow the little one? JK :) We're getting chicks tomorrow and I just realised I don't have a brooder! Time to get creative, I guess!

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