My Chicks Are Here!!!


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
I am sooo excited!!!!
Two Jersey Giants and two Columbian Wyandottes; these are my first chicks ever! I pick up three Dominiques next Monday. Now for some questions, the first of MANY I am sure!! How do I know that they are drinking enough? I dipped each chick's beak in the water as I put it in the brooder, but they mostly seem interested in eating. And if they are chirping quietly does that mean they are content? They are moving about, pecking and chirping/cheeping. I think I know the "unhappy / distressed" cheep, I think one of them did it on the way home, very loud!

as long as the chicks know where their water is (if they have drank at all, then theey know) then they will drink as much as they need.

You will know if they are distressed cheeps, they almost scream, their contented peeps are not too loud and fairly rythmic...

and congratulations on your chicks!!
You did the right thing by dipping beaks and making sure they knew where the water was.

They'll chirp loudly if separated, too hot or too cold.

If they crowd together they're cold, If spread to the 4 corners of the brooder - too hot.
Thanks everyone! Right now they are just hanging out together, not crowded together, so I think they like the temp in the brooder. I ordered one of those Ecoglows, and called today to 2nd day it, I just don't like the idea of leaving that lamp burning all the time, especially when we're not home (we both work, although I can work from home occasionally). One of the chicks (one of the Wyandottes) seems a little less active than the rest, sleeping more than the others, although I have seen her pecking about and walking around some, so I'm trying to not be a nervous nelly mom
My senior Akita is doing his best to figure out what the HECK that noise is!! I did show him one of the chicks as I put her in the brooder and he sniffed her and wagged his tail. Such a good boy
Trust me that I won't be making such introductions with the rest of my Akitas

I'm going to have to get some kind of a bar stool so I can sit and watch them since their brooder is raised off the floor (so nosy dogs don't pounce on it) and my legs are getting tired from just standing there watching them!
I am excited for you! We just started out this year as well. I swear we dont even need our TV now! Our first back of 4 buff cochins didn't make it (they came home with bloody stool etc.)... very sad but we have 3 sassy super cute blue cochins that chatter up a storm. They love it when we come out to talk to them and 5 older silkies that we got at 1 month old. Silkies are now out in the coop and not thrilled with their little sisters when they come for a visit. Hope they get along soon. Best of luck to you and your new babies!
Okay, okay, I'll try to get some pics posted! Not sure if I've got enough posts yet. Trying to not worry but do not have a good feeling about the one little girl, still sleeping more than the others, a lot!
Relax and don't try to overthink it.
Give clean water, keep feeders at least half full, keep bedding dry, give as much space as you can and for the first couple weeks watch for pasty butt.

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