My Chicks are LOST in the mail- Brokenhearted

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12 Years
Jan 5, 2008
My 27 chicks from Welp hatched and were shipped Monday. Here it is THURSDAY afternoon- and nothing. I have been on the phone with the PO for two days- andthey just "havent come in" Its been 4 days... If they come in now, they'll be dead. Welp is replacing the order, but I wont get them for another 3 weeks. Today sucks... Off to go shut the brooder lamps off and dump the feed and water.......
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Awwwww....I am so sorry!! What a shame. I dont understand why a shipment like this dosent have a Tracking number. GOsh it isnt like this isnt an important package or anything!

Well it's bad enough to lose a letter but to lose a whole box of chicks. Totally ridiculous!!! I would call the postal inspector in your area and let them know.

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