my cochin frizzle not a frizzle?


11 Years
Jun 30, 2008
I got a red, black and white cochin frizzle hachling a week or so ago, and both the red and black have VERY obvious curls on the wing feathers coming in. The white has none. The are all the same size and age. Is it possible she just won't be a frizzle or do whites curl later?

Not all frizzles will frizzle. If the wing feathers are coming in straight then that is what they will be.
Cute litttle chicks.
Thank you!! I have no knowledge of this breed, so I really appreciate your feedback.

So what will a non frizzled, frizzled cochin look like?
When breeding Frizzles, you should not breed a frizzled bird to another frizzled bird. It acts like a lethal gene and some of the babies will feather out very sparsely and the feathers tend to break very easily. There are records of organ abnormalities as well. So, when you breed a smooth bird to a Frizzle you will get 50-70% Frizzles and the rest will be smooth. The smooth birds are very important to your future breeding program as they help produce a greater number of frizzles that if you bred simply to a regular smooth bird of the breed you are using. That is how you can get numbers closer to 70% rather than 50% If you breed a, lets say regular Cochin to a Frizzled Cochin you should be 50/50, If you breed the smooth offspring from that mix to the Frizzled parent of another Frizzle you will get closer to 70% Frizzled birds.

Your babies look very cute and I bet you will love them all.
It will look just like a normal cochin with straight feathers. It will still carry the frizzle gene and can be bred back to a frizzle.
Great info, thanks!

I will have to go look up what a regular cochin looks like, I don't know that I have ever seen one! lol
Here is a pix of a couple bantam cochins, non frizzled. The one on the left is a mottled blue and the one on the right is a splash. Pix courtesy of Flufnstuff.

How sweet!! So I guess my little one will be plain white. They are heavily feathered! Cute!!! she is a sweetheart, it doesn't matter to me either way, though I am glad the black and red are curling right up! They look so cute already!! Very different, which is nice

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