My coop is too friggen blue!


9 Years
Sep 25, 2010
*sigh* My coop is so much trouble. I bought more primer and paint for it than I could afford, and once I painted it, it came out smurf blue! Gah!

If I put a sealer on it, will it dull the color? Aren't most sealers amber tinted? Will this just make my coop kinda teal?!?!

Basically, I need something I can find free on craigslist and apply it to a test area; but what do I look for???

(And for anyone that remembers me, it's still sitting at the bottom of the hill and I am still birdless. I need to roll it outta there, but I'd like to fix the horrid blue-ness first!)
Nothing wrong with smurf blue.

I'd leave it as is.
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Oh, I thought it was almost perfect when I bought the color, looking at the little sample and the smudge on my paint can.

But when you have a 8x10 smurf hut, it is just painful on the eyes. If I had 10 acres and it was in the back corner... heh...
You can get some stain and rub it over the top. It'll dull it down, kind of make it antiquey looking. OR you can do the same with paint of a different color. Roll it on, let it set for a few minutes, then rub some of it off until you get the look you like. Or you can take the leftover back to the store and ask to have it adjusted. Usually they'll do this for free. Paint is fixable. You may find if you leave it alone it'll grow on you though. White trim will help it. Hang a bunch of cute chicken stuff on it too. Pictures!!
And I feel the need to mention I hadnt taken the tape off the window and such yet, lol.
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That's an awesome color! What's wrong with it?

I'd go to lowes and find a cheap oops can of paint in a white or tinted white. Then use that to paint clouds all over. Why hide such an awesome color!?!
Looks fine! You just need some trim!!!

I like Knock kneed Hen's idea of white trim (buy some molding pieces and paint them). I'd put a hanging basket in front with some fake flowers in it, put up a hand-painted sign.

It would look very cute!!!
If you like, scroll down to near bottom of this byc page and it looks almost like your coop- very nice!

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