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Mar 21, 2011
I'm just posting clips of people from my culture that i'd like to share hopefully everybody can be nice here and enjoy, my people r very diverse, over 70 or more different subgroups all differing from region to region, things such as accents,customs,tradition, clothing styles an other significant things that identifies us with our individual groups here r a few clips showing a few groups and please don't call names or say stuff like what a backward culture or anything of that nature, in most asian countries we r known as the miaos but it is offenssive to some, there r 4 major groups that all other smaller groups fall under, they r hmong, hmu, a hmao, kho xong we all have different dialects, we r found in southern china, burma, thailand, vietnam, and laos but nowadays lots of Hmongs resides in western worlds

yeah this is alot of clips but i really wanted to show my culture and thanx for viewing

i belong to this group

the dances

hmong dance to a lao beat

a more modern approach to our traditional style dance

a soul calling song but with a dance routine

qeej dance
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Thanks for sharing! I'm reading a book based in Thailand right now. Interesting.
well i could tell u guys the story of y we r in the usa, well during the vietnam war the americans as u know were fighting the vietcong commies so they recruited different ethnic peoples who happens to resides on the ho chi min trail,americans recruited hmong, mien, khmu lahu, akhas and other ethnicities to block the trail to so the communist can't supply weapons to there troops who were already down in the south, after the americans pulled out they left us so now they granted us the the opportunity to come to the states
there is alot of clips on youtube but i like this one
, this is only a preview part so go look for the rest,the hmong americans r descendants of hmong people of laos
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Absolutely fabulous! Retaining one's culture will guarantee the happiness of one's soul.

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