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    Apr 30, 2007
    and Mom just finished working at a horse park in Indio, CA. It had shows from Christmas till end of March. He worked the gates back by the stalls and my Mom worked in the Gift shop.

    And because he worked in the back -- tried one day to keep Tom Selleck out of the VIP section :eek: -- he said everyone had polo shirts with their farm names on them. So he decided that WE needed our own shirts.

    When they got to SD, we went to visit them. He said, come here, I have something for you and Mark and Payton (DH and DS).

    He brought out three beautiful pale yellow polo shirts with " Ranch WannaBeO" on it! [​IMG] Then it had a Arabian horse and our names below that.

    He said now we are official. [​IMG]

    (of course, the horses he worked around were worth hundreds of thousands of even sold for 3 million while they were there.....I don't think I paid more than a thousand for any of our horses.......[​IMG] )
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    May 24, 2007
    That's cool! You are completely official now - congrats!

    We'd love to see a picture of you modeling your new shirt.

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