My DIY brooder boxes


Feb 21, 2018
Houston Texas
My Coop
My Coop
Long story short I bought my first one, then decided to build my second one and sell my first one.

My first one is something our local feed store sells. I bought it out of laziness and figured it was big enough because I was "only" getting 6 chicks. It's a simple design with an open bottom the chicks walk on. You can put a bag around the bottom with shavings for easy clean up. Keeps the mess down while they were in the garage at the grandparents house.

Spouse and I stopped by the feed store and purchased 7 more chicks. I realized that the 4'x2' would be to small in few weeks. So using the basics of the first coupe I bought I built one twice as big, and slightly more sturdier. Now the nearly 3-4 week old chicks have a lot more room to run around when put up.

I plan on putting a divider in there to cut it in half when we get smaller chicks again. Then expand as they get bigger.
Nice job! I've been looking up some different ideas/DIY brooders for the hubby and I to build, and I really like your design. We have 3, 10 day old chicks, and are awaiting our incubator to arrive now to hatch our own chickens, so a bigger brooder would be more realistic than the current one we are using. Thanks for posting the pics.

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