My dog is a chicken eater, don't know what to do


May 11, 2021
It’s been my experience shock collars don’t work. Dogs hair is too thick to bother them.
Or my dogs just didn’t care.
Cyclone fencing with chicken wire perimeter on the inside of the cage to keep dog from digging out. Much like you’d do for chicken coop with wire on the outside
I got a collar for our german shepherd, it was useless, it vibrated or buzzed, there was no electrical shock, and his double coat made it useless anyway.


Sep 4, 2019
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My Coop
If you always limit yourself to purebred dogs, new breeds will never be developed. And yes, I think there is room for new breeds, because there are certain combinations of traits that do not exist in any current pure breeds of dog. (Obvious example: if you want a poodle-type non-shedding coat, and you want a purebred dog, you have very few choices about what other traits that dog can have.)

I agree with many of your other points (doodles are not a breed, doodles are not consistent, many existing doodles have problems, dogs for breeding should be carefully selected.) But I disagree about "purebreds only" being the solution.
Yes, this is what I think! It reminds me of a story.
There was once a guy who wrote a bunch of plays, but the only people who would act and listen to him were children, teens, and young adults. The older people said, "don't waste your time with him. Study classic books instead." But now, a couple hundred years later, Shakespeare's works are famous and considered classics themselves! New isn't always bad and breeds had to come from somewhere.
I'm not saying doodles are going to become the amazing, classic dog breed of all time, but it is okay to try something new now and them. How else will we create and discover new things and keep the world turning?

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