My duck died suddenly


Jul 14, 2018
I bought two ducking the week of Easter. The one wasn’t doing well at first (had leg problems) I gave them peas and medicine to get the vitamins needed. Fast forward to now the other duckling just randomly stopped eating I noticed yesterday she didn’t eat at all and today I found her dead. She has dots on her beck that I’ve noticed now. I’m worried she might of been sick and it will pass to my other ducks and get everyone sick and cause death. Any ideas on what could of caused her die or what the spots on her beck could be?


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Could be spots that a lot of females get when they become hormonal both my Runners look like they have green spotted algae growing on their bills. But def a picture would help.
About 5 months old? Had she started laying yet? What all do you feed besides peas? Do they free range? Very sorry for your loss:hugs
She has not started laying. I buy them Purina premium poultry feed. They free range sort of during the day I have them in a a fenced in area around their pen during the day then get locked up in their pen at night. I really can’t remember the breed. Thank you!
The only way to know for sure what she died from is to do a necropsy. They can hide their illness for quite a while with out us noticing being prey. Could have been something genetic,heart or other problems internally. Was she growing normally, feathered in real good?

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