my ducklings! (lots of LARGE pics)

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    Oct 22, 2009
    I finally found the time to post some pics of my ducks...

    Early Wednesday morning this week, we got the phone call from the post office that the ducklings arrived and I immediately ran to my car to get it warmed up (it was bitter cold that day). Once the car got to the point were I was sweating, Nettie hopped in the car and we made the trip to our post office. I was waiting anxiously in the car as Nettie went into the post office to pick up the little ducklings. Knowing that opening the box in the car was a really bad idea (didn't want to have to try to pull a duckling out from under a seat if it escaped), I made the difficult decision to wait until we got home for me to see my new ducklings (Nettie already saw them in the post office to make sure they were okay). I was giddy with anticipation as we drove back as quickly as we safely could (which is rather slow during rush hour in the Chicago Loop...)

    We had their brooders ready and waiting for them from the night before:

    We filled up their food bowl and waterer then put the new ducklings in their new homes. Moxy, the black duckling, ran back and forth in front of the brooder window and peeped loudly whenever she didn't see me (she bonded almost instantly!). Her sister, Norie the black duckling, quickly learned where the food and water were and tentatively ate a few bites of the duckling feed. We chose to keep them separated until they were older to ensure they bonded with me first before each other. In order to keep them from getting lonely, we put a mirror in each of their brooders (feel like they aren't alone but can't bond with a reflection), I spend several hours with them a day (I come running whenever I hear them peeping loudly - good thing I'm on vacation!), and let them spend some time together each day.

    Moxy is stinking cute. How could anyone not smile after seeing that little duckling begging for your attention?

    Norie was wary of me at first but accepted me as her "mom" within a couple hours

    Moxy and Norie's 5 siblings went in a brooder together. We delivered them the following day to someone else that we split the order with. 1 blue, 2 fawn and white, and 2 black runners. They pretty much did everything at the same time. Whenever one of them drank, ate, or slept the others would soon follow. They loved huddling together under the lamp to stay warm.

    Moxy was a nervous wreck anytime she didn't see me until we put in her mirror later that first day. Since then she's only peeped for my attention once or twice... :-(

    Norie was happy to just nap on my chest while I laid back in bed. She also decided that she wanted to be the first of the two ducklings to soil one of shirts....

    Moxy got her turn relaxing with me in bed. (Note Norie's gift on my shirt...)

    Moxy was the smallest duckling of the 7. She easily sat on my hand with plenty of space leftover

    Look how much bigger Norie was!

    We let the 5 other ducklings try to sit in Victor's nest (he was broody and sitting on lots of eggs). Victor just ignored them and the ducklings clearly imprinted on people because they wanted nothing to do with Victor and tried to run back to Nettie. When Ming Mei saw the ducklings she was upset and snapped at one. Upon seeing this, Victor decided that the ducklings were scary and ran away in terror! We did however get a couple pictures before Ming Mei freaked out Victor.

    When we tried to introduce Moxy and Norie to Victor and Ming Mei, Ming Mei took an aggressive stance and got scolded by Nettie. Ming Mei chilled out after that and just watched as Moxy walked over to her and sat down at her feet and took a nap, but she doesn't look too happy about it!

    Victor decided to be a bully and bit Moxy. Moxy responded by nipping at his tail feathers! Moxy is already showing lots of moxie!

    They're both growing like weeds and I swear they are visibly larger every time I check on them!

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    What total cutie-pies! [​IMG]

    Your set-up is wonderful, too--I love using storage bins to raise ducks. So handy!

    Good luck with the rest of the raising process--though everyone looks so healthy and happy, I doubt you'll have a problem. [​IMG]
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    Oct 2, 2009
    that last pic is so funny [​IMG] ming mei is like get this thing away from me! [​IMG]
  4. rainplace

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    I love your little peepers! They are the same age as mine.

    Thank you for sharing their coming home adventure with us. [​IMG]

    I'm looking forward to seeing and reading how the four of them end up getting along.

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    Nov 20, 2008
    Chicago, IL
    i think ming mei has a rolling her eyes look to her face... what a goof ball... Every night i spend time with them on my bed (i put down puppy pads, lol) and dry them off before putting them to bed. I have to hug ming mei and reassure her that she and victor are still my favorites... with all these other ducks in the house, i think they are jealous, lol
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    Jul 15, 2009
    So cute!
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    May 3, 2009
    Elizabethtown, KY
    Thank you for sharing that and those great pics of those adorable baby dolls!

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