My EE is a big tease!-- UPDATED TODAY 10/21/10!!!


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I'm sure all of you can relate with where I'm coming from.

As of today, Big Bertha is 30 weeks old. She's a gorgeous black and gold EE with beautiful dark slate/green legs. For 10 days now, she has been singing the egg song off-and-on but has been really consistent with it the last 3 days or so. She's been squatting for about 8 days off and on, but again more consistently in the last 3 days or so. I thought her time had finally come and that she would finally start laying--but so far, no eggs, no nothing.

Today, she was singing the egg song REALLY loud & I thought she was in the henhouse; but when she came fluttering out, she came out of the side of the garage instead of the henhouse. I felt that surely she had laid her first egg in the garage, as the sound she made when she came out was very much the same as "the announcement" we hear from the leghorn after she has done her daily duty in the nest (out of 6 pullets, right now the leghorn is the only one paying her rent). However, DH and I thoroughly checked the garage, and there's just no egg there.

I know that birds with a lot of ameraucana/araucana in them such as my EE often lay very late, so I have not been concerned that she hasn't started laying yet! I just am getting frustrated with her teasing me like this!

One of the things I like about Easter eggers is that until they start laying, you really don't know what color eggs they're gonna give you. She just needs to stop teasing me and start layin' some eggs!
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You and me both girl!! I had been hoping to get a call "IT'S BLUE/GREEN!!!!" but nope, nada. She is really putting you through the course isn't she?? LoL. My Munk hasn't even squatted so I am thinking she will be a 40 weeker by the time she lays lol. Here's hoping for a beautiful colored egg! Watch, she will lay it today, of course LOL
She is already out there this morning singing her little head off so loud, I can hear her in the house. She is normally a very quiet bird and vocalizes a lot of sounds, but they sound more like a person who grumbles under their breath. She's just not a loud chicken... until NOW. OMG, everybody in a 2-mile radius knows I have chickens now!
30 weeks..... our Easter Eggers are around .....17 weeks old
They're cute but its depressing to think about how long were going to have to wait for that first, potentially blue/green, egg. Good luck.....lets hope its a nice blue egg hmm
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