My eggs are here!!! My eggs are here!!!


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Apr 24, 2009
Tab, Indiana
And wouldn't you know it, they arrived while I was stuck out on the highway with a blown tire.
The mailman stuck the box in my mailbox sideways. The eggs were packed with great care (Thank you so much Quail_Antwerp!) and none were broken. I set them in a cardboard egg carton and set them aside to settle. I will move them into the incubator in the morning. I can't wait to see how many hatch! I calculated and mine should hatch the 27th, give or take. Anyone else set to have eggs hatch around that time? This is my first incubation and I am sooo excited. My kids are as excited as I am. I think they will have their faces plastered to the top of the incubator the entire time they are in there, lol. I'm just so happy, I had to share my joy. YAY!
im in the same boat except that im waiting on my egg's to get here!!!!! Very exciting...just the thought of me hatching my very own eggs is enough to make me want to keep looking for more eggs to buy!
I wish mine would come already!
....They were suppose to come thursday...but no luck. Im getting kinda worried! After reading ur post i went out and checked my mailbox but came back disappointed. Good luck with ur eggs!!!
I know what you mean. I went on e-bay and bid on some eggs, but I got outbidded, so I went ahead and bid on another set of eggs. Now I got an e-mail less than an hour ago saying that the person that had outbid me on the first batch of eggs dropped out of the bid, so now I am the top bidder! And I'm the top bidder on the second set of eggs I am bidding on too! If I do indeed win both bids I'll be incubating 34 Sebright eggs! Aggghhh! I don't know what to do, except if I do win both bids, to sell some of them, cause it will be a tight fit in my incubator with 44 eggs! And honestly, I don't need that many birds! Yikes!!! But I wish you luck on your hatch. Let me know when you get yours in the bator. And I have the sneaky suspicion that hatching eggs will also prove to be very addicting. It will be a long winter if I can't incubate any!
I will suggest you to incubate all of them. You can get from 0% to 75%
hatching success with shipping eggs. Out of the 38 you might end up with 10-15 chicks. It will be easier to sell the extra chicks. Also as more chicks as you hatch you will have more opportunity to keep the better and healthy ones.
I just set 27 eggs for my second ever hatch and they are due to hatch June 27 too. I have 13 black copper maran, 10 blue cochin bantams and 4 white silkie. One of the silky eggs arrived with a small pushed in spot so I tried the wax plug an put it in as a hatching lesson. I hope it hatches. I will be watching it close, don't want any exploding eggs!!

Day one and good luck to one and all on this hatching adventure.


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