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  1. Hello [​IMG] I wanted to share my experience with Nature's Hatchery to help others in their future birds from there [​IMG]

    I had never known anything about Natures except for that they were a hatchery somewhere.

    My brother emailed me with their info a while back saying how their site looked awesome and so a few weeks ago when I wanted some Cornish X and Murray McMurray didn't have them available at the time I wanted:
    I ordered from Nature's.

    They were supposed to arrive between Monday-Wednesday the next week. They didn't come. After calling the post office I called Natures. The service they gave me over the phone was wonderful! They were kind and helpful! They then told me that their records showed the chicks as being sent that previous Monday. I was unhappy...
    I called the post office and them the next day...
    And I called the post office the next day...
    And the next day...
    And the next day...
    And the next day...

    Then I went to a friend's and got some energy booster from them because I thought the chicks were going to be weak.
    The next day I thought the chicks were probably dead...

    By the next Monday I knew that none of the chicks could have survived so I waited sadly for a batch of dead chicks to come in..
    Nothing happened...

    Nothing happened the next Monday either...
    Or Tuesday...
    But Wednesday something happened.

    We got the dreaded call from the post office. "You have some chicks in, please some pick them up". I was unhappy but got dressed and headed to the post office. Once I got there I knocked on the back door like I usually do and asked for my chicks. Then I saw the lady walk up smiling [​IMG] She then handed me a box full of chicks... And they were alive!! On the way home I saw on the box that they had been shipped 2 days before... I didn't understand... That was 2 weeks after they said they had shipped them and 2 weeks after they were supposed to be at my home...

    After getting them set up I was amazed at how healthy they were! They were active and very good looking (Well, as good looking a Cornish X can be). As they have been growing up I have seen that they are amazingly healthy. I haven't lost one out of 30!! They're growing big and will keep me well fed throughout the winter [​IMG]

    So, there is my first review [​IMG]


    One more thing...
    When you call them if you catch them during hours they are wonderful but... If you don't, they don't seem to check their messages or don't return their calls so they never got back to any of our messages.. Just live talks. One of the things we asked when we called and left a message is "If I don't hear from you today please cancel my order and refund my money so that I could order from another hatchery". We never got a response.
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    I had a similar experience with another hatchery, I didn't had to wait much tho I only waited half a week but still it kind of sucks when you are waiting your little chicks, they never contacted me to tell me about the change of date so I missed a day of work for no reason. But at the end of the day I was just happy that I got all my chicks in perfect health.
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    I had the same problem. Natures hatchery won't respond to any of my emails. They shipped me a chicken that looked nothing like a buff cornish.
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