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Nov 11, 2008
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Hey everyone I have a question that I have been wondering my whole life and I think I will finally ask it. All four of my grandparents have bright blue eyes, Both of my parents have bright blue eyes, my sister has bright blue eyes, but I came out with dark brown eyes. I'm just wondering how that is possible? My wife has blue eyes, and both of my kids have blue eyes. I'm just wondering how I have brown eyes?

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Sorry, but if both your parents have blue eyes, and you have brown, one of them is not your biological parent. It's impossible. I know this is hard, and I don't know the situation.

Edited to add, it is completely possible for your child to have blue eyes, because you carry a blue eye gene. So there is a 25% chance of having a blue eyed child.
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genes.....people can carry the blue jean if they have brown. But blue is always dominant when both carry. like my dad has hazel and my mom blue. my sister and brother have blue , i have hazel. my daughters father blue , hers blue. both my sons father blue and they both have blue but one has blue hazel eyes. I am sure you can google a chart
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This is how it works, if both parents have blue eyes, they have 2 "b" genes, since blue is recessive. If a parent has brown eyes they can have either one "B" gene and one "b" gene, or 2 "B" genes. (B=brown and b=blue). So if 2 blue eyed people have a child then the child can only receive 2 "b" genes, one from each parent. If a brown eyed person has a child with a blue eyed person, the child could receive a either 2 "B", 1B and 1b, or 2b (2b's if the browned eyed parent had the recessive blue gene). I hope this makes sense.
It has to do with dominant and recessive genes. Both my parents have brown eyes and dark hair. I have 2 brothers with blond hair and blue eyes.
Someone in your ancestry had brown eyes. You'd have to trace back farther than your grandparents. Great, great great, etc. etc.
As far as I know I'm the only one in my immediate family that is Left handed.
M and F right, grand parents both sides right, 7 br and sis all right.
umteen cousins all right. All my children right.
Nope, brown is dominant over all colors, so at least one of the parents would have had to have had brown eyes. Now other colors could be in the ancestry and show up, but not brown.

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