My Family And I Want To Start A Flock!!!


8 Years
Jan 4, 2012
My question is what would be the best breeds of chickens to have with children (1&5), and are good egg layers. I am wanting the type that they will be able to interact with a bit. I live in upstate New York, and I am planning to build a chicken tractor to house them, I am thinking about 4-5 hens and 1 rooster. I have done some research and this is what I came up with, I was thinking:

1. Jersey Giant-Rooster
2. (2)Sussex hens
3. (2)Buff Orpington hens
4. Possibly 1 Jersey Giant- hen

I am currently in Afghanistan now, but I will be home soon, I told my 5 year old daughter we would raise chickens when I get back, we have an acre back yard so we should have plenty of room. Any suggestions would be appreciated, like I said I would like breeds that we can interact with, not ones that are shy and run away.

Well good for you you have come to the right place. - I think Sussex works well with kids. My Red Sussex is a very lovable hen and has a great personality, is a very calm bird. I have also had a few Marans though they can be a bit feisty the girls I have had have all been easy to lift and work with and are very gentle. These are large birds so you will need to be mindful of how old your kids are. If you have younger children particularly it is not advisable to leave them with a rooster unattended as all roosters can be unpradictable.

I like Wellsummers myself, they are very friendly, and pretty laid back, also very good layers!! Good luck, and may you have a safe trip home!!! Oh and
First, thank you for your service!

Second, welcome to BYC! It is the GO TO spot for everything fowl!

Third, this site has an excellent section on selecting the best breed for your family. Goes through characteristics you do or don't want your chickens to have. I used it to determine two breeds that would do well here. Grandson used it to decide his choice of breed would be Buckeyes, so we're getting some this spring.

I've had buffs that I enjoyed. I've never had the other breeds myself. Good luck! These creatures are addictive to the extreme.
I have red chickens I hatched 16 of them that are all pullets next month they will be a year old. I've been around them since their beginning & they are super friendly. The way to a chickens heart is through their beak & how much time you spend with them. I trust my flock around my one year old grandson. Heck the chickens are as tall as him.

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