my family is in need of unending prayer

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    May 11, 2009
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    My nephew kicked his wife and 2 year old out of the house today. They are back and he is calm. Apparently ADHD meds have not agreed with him( I don't consider that a good excuse). He is back on the road and they are safe at home. I don't know if their marriage can survive all this but pray for their son. He is a sweet stressed out little 2 year old who just does not understand all the yelling.

    My niece is living with her father again after her husband roughed her up, threatened to kill her, and then tried to run her over with his truck. He slapped his 12 year old off his feat and slapped the baby. She has to wait till morning for the county attorney apparently and I guess is getting a protective order. This is just an escalation over the last 4 months and she had just filed for divorce after years of abuse and cheating. Please pray that she has strength, courage and grace to do what she must do in the courts tomorrow. She is a cancer survivor and has the cancer gene also so she is dealing with preventive surgeries on top of all that.

    And just pray for the rest of us as we support and council them. I am to go speak to my niece tomorrow. She is only a couple years younger than me so we have gotten married and had kids around the same time. My brother is hoping since I can relate to her better than I will find the right words to say to make her heart firm not to allow the abuse any longer. Also pray that we can find the right way to keep her protected. He has a very violent past.

    Please don't forget my new great niece either. She is under treatment right now for what they think is group B strep. Still no test result back. She did have a beginning blood infection so she is already getting treatment and responding well. Just pray that continues. We just have some babies in some very bad situations here and we can use all the prayer we can get right now. Thanks all
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    Sometimes I'm at a complete loss for words and this is one of those times.

    Lord have mercy,

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    Wow. When it rains it pours. Praying for strength, healing, wisdom and faith for your family. [​IMG]
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    I am sorry for your trials [​IMG] Sometimes we don't understand why things happen but there can be good to come out of bad situations.....hang in there and prayers are sent [​IMG]
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    May 11, 2009
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    Oh see when I heard all this I had words. I had to send the kids outside before I vented a few of them. I am very frustrated and a bit angry to have any children in my family subjected to this. They are the most precious thing we have and its heart breaking. My niece is torn to pieces because he is threatening her kids. She wants to react and is being told by advocates that she has to go through the process step by step. She can't deny him access to the kids or his home. blah blah blah. They were ordered into therapy by the court when they first went in front of the judge for separation. I just feel the need to hide them all behind me. I feel the need to strangle him. I've also already laid into my nephew something fierce and volunteered to watch their 2 year old should they feel the need for a discussion again. I am just tired tonight. It feels too much and I just don't know what to say to fix any of it. So tonight I will be praying into the night until I feel up to the task at hand. I just would appreciate any prayers you can lend me.
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    I feel for the children. I hope that the mothers make the right choice and leave their abusive relationships.
    If not.. those kids NEED to be removed from their "care".. ASAP... [​IMG]
    Crossing fingers for the children.. [​IMG]
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    Will definitely keep them all in my prayers. I am a past victim of domestic violence and I know from experience that it is hard to get out. I will pray that she has the strength and the power to do it. I agree that those kiddos should no longer be subjected to that. People always say it's too hard on a kid to pull them out of a home but if the only home they have is horrible then sometimes it's better!!!
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    Jun 2, 2011
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    I walked out of my marriage with my baby, a diaper bag, a stroller and $16 in my pocket. Fled is more like it. three years later, I can say that I'm very very glad I did so. Fortunately I was blessed enough to have family who were able to lend an ear and help me re-establish myself. Does your niece have any/all of the threats documented? It does depend on which state you live in, but as I understand it per the attorneys I hired in two different states (mine was a multi state custody battle, I did end up with full sole legal and physical custody, visitation on my terms.) if threats are being made against children or her or both (!) then she has every right to report it to the police. THEN it becomes THEIR responsibility to protect. If anything at all happens to the children or to her, they are liable. She DOES have the right to refuse visitation based on the physical, mental and emotional well being of the children. I'm hoping that she did lodge a complaint with the police department after her 12 year old and baby were physically abused by this .. creature. Will absolutely be praying for strength for her, wisdom and justice in the courts, and for the safety and protection of them all!
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    I am a social worker. Please accept my thoughts of prayer and empathy for ur family as these girls make choices that will guide the rest of their lives hopefully into the path of wisdom and honesty and self fullfillment. [​IMG]
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