My feeder and waterer

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Feb 5, 2012
Just wanted to share my feeder and watering setup. I got both of the ideas from this site.

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Nice job. It looks like you are using pellet bedding - how do you like that? I've used corn cob bedding and really like it except that it is the same color as the feed so when they drop crumbles into it, they are wasted. Going forward I plan to only use them in areas where I am not feeding. I haven't tried the pine pellet bedding so wasn't sure if it is the same. One thing I really like about the corn cob bedding.....I used it in my broody coop last year while the hen was brooding and then for about 10 days after the chicks hatched. Then broody Mama wanted out, so I opened up the door and they free-ranged the backyard during the day after that, but still slept in the coop. At some point she transitioned them to sleeping in the main coop, but I left the broody set up for awhile in case they wanted to return to it. That is a long way of saying that it was some time before I went to clean it out and what I cleaned out was compost. It didn't smell at all and was a wonderful consistency. I think the corn cob base with the poop mixed in was just the right combo for it to compost right there in the coop! It was a nice surprise when I had prepared myself for the stinky task of coop-cleaning.
I was using the last of our pellets from when the babies were little. I am using hay now and it's great. Just lift it up and shake it and all the poop falls out...then just fluff the hay again and good to go. We will see how it works as they get older

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