My first eggs


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6 Years
Aug 18, 2013
Co Mayo. Ireland
New chicken keeper here.
I'm in Ireland.
These are my first eggs,we have four hens, they are very social and tame, really lovely girls.
Do you think my eggs look ok? I think they look fine, I didn't need to wash them I just put them straight in the fridge.
I do have a question if you don't mind please?
In the outside run we have sand on the floor, we put the hens food in feeders and their water in a large bowl.
If my hens have any treats I put them on a metal plate that I keep only for their use.
If I'm walking past lettuce and see one has bolted I will just throw it in for the hens, they love the lettuce lol
Sorry... My question is, should I put straw over the sand in the run? It looks a bit bare.
I have sand in the coop with wood shavings and. I am cleaning this out every other day.
That's ok, I don't mind doing the cleaning but I'm looking for a job and if I , no when I get one I am going to need a more low maintenance bedding for the hens.
What would you recommend please? Straw seems to be the most practical option for me I think .
Thanks for reading lovely people xxx
Sand is okay, but I put hay (straw) in the run just to entertain them. Congrats on your flock!

Hi b.hromada ,
Thank you for the lovely welcome.
I think I will go looking for straw bales tomorrow hun.
Shouldn't be hard to find in rural Ireland lol xxxx

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