My first experience with bumblefoot

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    May 18, 2009
    My buff Brahma, China, has been limping for several weeks. I looked at her feet and there looked to be a scab on her good foot but nothing I could see on the side where she was limping, so I just assumed maybe she sprained a leg jumping off the roost or something. Well, yesterday I noticed she was not putting any weight on that side, so I brought her inside and discovered a very swollen foot with a tiny spot in the center. I pulled the scab off and all kinds of pus came out, but today the foot was seemed to be more swollen and harder.

    After reading many different threads on here about bumblefoot, as I already have betadine and sugar, I tried the Sugardine method. I made a paste and applied it to her foot this morning and then wrapped the foot in a bandage. I looked again at the good foot, and the scab looked like a plug, so I assumed it was bumblefoot and started working on it, too. It popped right out, leaving a hole which I also packed with Sugardine and then bandaged the foot.

    As of tonight, China has the latest fashion, two bright orange bandaged feet and she's standing on both of them!!!! I had to look - I took the bandage off the worse foot and the swelling has definitely gone down already. I applied more Sugardine and wrapped it back up. I am so happy that she is putting that foot down. She is still limping, but yesterday she wouldn't put any weight on that foot, just hopping a couple of feet on the other foot and then laying down.

    She is now asleep in our dog bed in the kitchen - looks like we may have another house chicken for a while!

    Thank you BYCers for continuing to teach me how to care for my chickens!

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    Sounds like China is in good hands and will be up and at 'em in no time. Great job!

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