My first hatch batch.

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12 Years
Dec 4, 2007
I started with 22 eggs. I candled at 10 days and removed 9. Candled again at 14 days and removed 1. They're due to hatch March 11 but earlier today my I heard them chirping inside the egg. I dismissed it because I'm new. I thought it was the fan in the next room. My son was getting some stuff out of the room and came out and said "at least one of them is still alive, I heard it chirping." I went in and worked setting up the brooder and about fifteen minutes in I heard it again. Unmistakable that time. Chirp Chirp Chirp! Loud. Thirty minutes ago I noticed one had pipped. Tomorrow at 2:00 will be 21 days. Should I be worried. I don't know. I'm pretty excited though. My wife who has claimed since I got my first chickens that she didn't care was giggling like a school girl. If I'd have known how much fun and how cheap this was (no pun intended) I'd have started 20 years ago. Wish me luck.
Don't be worried, I've had chicks hatch up to two days early. Right now I have some hatching on day 20. And I've had some hatch a day late as well.

Yay for babies!
i've hatched 100's of eggs now and i still get excited every hatch!
it is awesome to watch the miricle of life and my 5 kid's and dh enjoy it as well. u will love when they hatch and ya see all the little fuzzy bums u have to spoil it is all well worth the wait!!

congrats and can't wait to see pics!
7 of the 12 remaining are Rhode Island Reds. The other five have the same father but the mother is a hen I got from a friend of mine. If I can figure out how to upload images, maybe you can identify the breed.

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