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I'm going to blog this because it'll be my first time.
Monday I purchased a LG still air from TSC. Tonight I purchased a thermometer/hydrometer.
I have saved 6 of my own mutt eggs so far (RIRxLeghorn and RIRxRSL), and am supposed to pick up some EE eggs from ChickyTocks tomorrow.

Tonight I have the 'bator warming up to see what it's going to do. Both of my thermometers held steady at 70* when placed next to my thermostat - since I got the same reading from all 3 instruments I'm going to call that accurate-enough (I broke my big fancy calibrated Lab thermometer last year...) I stuck the hydrometer in a Mason jar with a little bitty jar of wet salt and the relative humidity reading immediately started to rise after I sealed the jar. It was up to 51% when I looked - we'll see what it says in the morning and use that as my guide.

I intend to put the 'bator on the shelf above the washer (and no it doesn't vibrate much since it doesn't touch the washing machine) and share the outlet with the washer, but that will require pulling this machine out. I used to could reach behind my old washer to the outlet, but try as I might I just couldn't get behind this one without waking DH up. I ran an extension cord until morning when I can move the washer without waking the whole house up. I was going to put them in my computer room which is the warmest room in the house BUT we are about to re-arrange the furniture and actually swap rooms. DH wanted to do it this week, so I decided NOT to set eggs in either room. The living room gets too much dog activity, plus I keep the fan going 24/7 so it's kinda drafty. The shelf above the washer is out of the dog's reach, out of our way, is well-ventilated without being in any direct drafts and maintains a steady temp because it's in the center of the house. Sounds like a choice spot.

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Ok This morning my hydrometer was reading 84% so I know it reads about 9% high. Good thing I tested!!
Temp was holding steady at 100*F in the bator

This afternoon I got a doz EE hatching eggs from our dear ChickyTocks. Then me and hubby did a lot of furniture re-arranging. After the dust settled I decided to set the eggs in the bator so here goes!!!!!!

Breakdown is:
8 green EE eggs from ChickyTocks
4 brown EE eggs from ChickyTocks
8 white RIRxWLeghorn eggs from my flock
2 brown RIRxRSL eggs from my flock
I'm sure it's all BYC's fault

I do want to see what my mutts will come out looking like.

Curiosity I guess.

I'm really hoping that one of my young Buff Orpingtons will be a good mother when she's older. Leghorns and sexlinks just don't get broody. I'd really rather let the mama take care of all this! The excitement and stress might kill me! LOL
Oh it surely would 'kill' me , waiting eagerly in anticipation.

I don't even have chicks yet and I'm already thinking about NEXT year - ha ha. Thought I'd start off with chicks and get use to raising them and get some egg layers. Then by next year have a rooster and try hatching. Though if the hens could do the work that would be great too. This is ALL just so exciting. BTW - I am real partial to the Buff Orpingtons myself. I am hoping to find Buff Orpington pullets to start off with (or straight runs for a roo).
The thermometer that reads from the bottom of the eggs (the screen that they lay on) has been reading between 97*F and 99*F. The thermometer that sits on top of the eggs has been reading 99-101*F
This morning I put them all O's up, tonight I put them all X's up.
Tonight I also moved the bator to the new computer room, because DH already knocked into it in the old location
I thought it would be safe there.

The humidity in our house stays chronically low in the winter while the heat is on. I put a couple of sponges in there, as many people do during hatching time and plugged the "humidity regulation" hole on top. The highest reading I have gotten on my hydrometer was 60% and it reads 9% over, so really my highest humidity level has been 51% (I'm aiming for 50%). DH has been complaining about dry sinuses, so we are getting a room humidifier on payday. I hope it will make him complain less, and also make it easier to get my humidity up on hatching day.
Hygrometer is the correct word for the device you are calibrating. Good luck on the hatch, hurray for chickies!!

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