My First Hatchlings (16 SpeckledHen Granbabies & 7 of my own)

Cuban Longtails

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Okay, when I took these they were all in neat order and when my computer copied them from my camera they got all mixed up. Now I don't know for sure which one is Charlotte's baby.
I'm going to do pictures of just that one when I get home tonight! lol

Cubalaya (mix) from my birds

Buff Orp/Barred Rock (from Cynthia)

Buff Orp/Barred Rock (from Cynthia)

Buff Orp/Barred Rock (from Cynthia)

Blue Orp (from Cynthia's Suede & Velvet) - I think it's a boy


One of mine, either WFB Spanish (mix) or Ancona (mix)

Now for the fun part!

1 of the following is Charlotte & Hawkeye's baby (Ameraucana/Barred Rock)
5 are pure barred rocks from Hawkeye (daddy) and Lexie & Mandy
4 will be from my flock and are either barred rock mixes or pure







#7 It thought the shiny box w/ one eye was going to eat it.




They look awesome, Tara! That first one in the "Is This Charlotte's Baby?" group looks like it could be hers. The leg color is a bit weird and in that pic, looks like slightly poufy cheeks. Could be wrong, though. Anyway, I'm glad your first hatch from shipped eggs went so well!
I was thinking it was either #1 or #5, the camera angle is not so great for capturing poufy cheeks. I can definitely tell who's who when they're all together in the brooder. Those cheeks stand out!
I'll get some more pictures of just Charlotte's baby (tonight, hopefully) and post them.

I'm wondering if the coloring on the buff orp/barred rock is slightly sex-linked, but then I have the odd one out that has the slight red/orangy face and actual barring coming out on it's wings.
They are just precious!
I'm wondering if the coloring is releated to the sex of the baby since I have an almost 50/50 split. It was my first time ever to hatch eggs, and I was using the Genesis 1588 with an autoturner. I was so nervous about them the entire time! lol

I'll keep posting pictures as they grow older, so you can see what you might be getting.
Oh thank you for the pics, that will be great. It's hard not to get overly excited. This is my first time too. Well, first time that I'm in charge, my Dad hatched a few batches when I was a kid but that was many, many moons ago.
Tara, I honestly dont know about the sexlinked thing using the Barred Rock rooster rather than hen in this combination. Usually, if the Barred Rock is the sire rather than the mother, they are not sexlinked. If the mothers were the barred ones, absolutely they'd have sexlinked traits. I've had that experience several times over and the cockerels all have barring and the pullets are basically solid colored. It is funny, the color split you got! I've never hatched this cross in my own flock, but I may do that one day soon. I'll definitely want some of Charlotte's babies with Hawkeye.
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I thought that with the daddy being barred, the babies would have the same barring. These have a light barring, but it's not white it's almost a penciled brown/tan pattern and they aren't black but dark brown. However, they could all change when they get older! lol, just never know. I think you mentioned something about the buff orps possibly having a dominant white in their coloring? That would mask the black from the BR coloring, right? Color genetics confuse me most of the time.

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