My first opossum attack.

Oct 12, 2017
Well, I got home after dark last night. A relative was supposed to lock them up, well, let's just say she forgot. She was locking them up two hours after the sunset. Well, there was a opossum in there! He didn't get a chicken, as we know of. But he was trying to eat my eggs. We killed it. But now my chickens are scattered across my property, and every time I try to move one to a different coop, they try to attack, and my rooster trys to kill me! Any advice?


Mar 11, 2018
That had to be scary! My Australian shepherds maul the opossums that get near the chicken house so I haven't had an attack yet.
When I need to catch chickens after dark, I shut off the flashlight so the chicken can't see me, and then I strike like a snake and grab whatever body part I can. They do bite and scratch, but I'll take that over something killing them during the night. I agree with Folly that you should keep them penned up for a few days so they calm down and know the coop is safe. Do you own heavy duty leather gloves? When your chicken tries to attack you, grab it! It'll attack your gloves so it shouldn't hurt. Then just carry him where you want him and let him eat feed out of your hand so he understands you aren't an enemy.
If my roosters get too sassy, I chase them with brooms!! Lol works every time.


7 Years
Dec 25, 2012
Oakhurst Oklahoma
I dont have to chase them with the broom, just hold it up high, wave it a bit, and they run away! Now the fish net, they get very excited about,, all the roosters call alarms!
I had 3 possums this winter, 1 in the coop (time to lock the door at night) and 2 in a tree (not at the same time). My dog told me where they were each time, and I shot them. The one in the coop was on a roost near the wall, the girls were excited, but I talk to them, they seem to calm down when I speak. I use a .22 air riffle, not a lot of noise, and with hollow points good knock down. One shot to the head and it is on the floor, well for less than a second and the dog had it! MINE!!!
The girls were calm quickly,,,I would have to say if they were very upset they got chased first.

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