My first self-hatched chicks!


Feb 15, 2018
North Carolina
I'm new to incubating so when I had 8 eggs ready to hatch out I was very scared that none would hatch or they wouldn't be normal looking after hatching. I followed advice on this site and read everything I could. I knew the hatch rate for a new hatcher would be low so having 4 alive and perfect chicks is better than I ever thought it could be.

There were loses, 3 eggs that never piped out and there's one that's taking it's sweet time to decide if it'll even pip, yet candling shows there's movement so I have some hope for it.

As for the ones that hatched, those are who I want to show everyone! I have 2 ducklings (the only duck eggs I had in the group) and 2 chickens! I tried the sex by wing for the chickens and I believe I have a Cockerel and a Pullet.

Also, a note is these might be big pics XD

First hatched: Pullet named Ell, she's an RIR/White Leghorn mix and oddly solid white

Second hatched: Cockerel named Harper, he's an RIR/Golden Comet mix

Third hatched: No idea on gender, named Avery, Pure Pekin Duck

Fourth hatched: No idea on gender, named Easton, Pure Pekin Duck

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