My first time candleing


10 Years
Mar 23, 2009
Marysville Ohio
........drum roll....................
and I saw nothing, Maybe it was the light but I got notta from that experience! LOL @ me
I bought a beautiful Black silkie hen and was given 13 fertilized eggs with her. (What a treat)
She has been laying on them for a least a couple weeks and could get chicks any day......

What can I say I'm a new mom and this is my first hatch....... can't wait!!!!
and a special thank you to Nancy from Ohio for my pretty girl, we love her!
Good luck! The quality of the light and also the quality of the dark (i.e., the ambient lighting) make a big difference in candling. Get the brightest flashlight you can, put in fresh batteries, the wait till after dark an go in a dark closet with all your house lights off and try candling again. You'll be amazed at what you can see!

Good luck with the hatch!
How far along are they. Does the light shine throuhg or are they dark? I just picked up an LED head lamp from Walmart to use for candeling. It think it is 85 looms or what ever light output is measured it, lol. It is awesome!!! The opening is oval so it is perfect.
I could see no light through them and I used a really brite lithium flash light, and i also tryed my heat Lamp

I have only days left till hatch and was just wondering how they were looking, guess I'll find out when they hatch


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