My first time raising chicks I have some questions


5 Years
Apr 20, 2014
A week ago we purchased some chicks. We bought 6 normal size chicks (3 black and 3 red) then we got 6 mini chicks (a few brown and grey and 1 Polish one)
I just wanted a few things clarified if you can.
- how can I stop my chicks from having pasty butt
- how old will they be tell they have all feathers and no more fur
- do I have to clean them
- can they eat eggs
And it would be nice if you give me a few basic tips please

1) to prevent pasty butt-
maintain proper temps. in brooder
add probiotics to the chicks' water
dont offer many treats to chicks
mix scrambled eggs with thier starter feed

2) how old will they be when they have all their feathers and no fluff-
chicks' wing and tail feathers start coming in the first 2 weeks
they are fully feathered by 8-10 weeks, when you can let them outside

3)do i have to clean them-
only if they have pasty butt

chickens can eat eggs

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