My First "Unintentional" Hatch


5 Years
Apr 19, 2014
NW Florida
I have several hens and I sell the eggs that they lay. Well, I noticed a drop in egg production, so I figured they had a nest somewhere. Sure enough, I found one under the azalea bushes in the front yard. I went out the next day to clean it out so I'd know how fresh any other eggs that were laid might be, and I discovered on of my SLW sitting on the eggs. I decided to let her sit and see if anything would hatch. I checked on her today, and we have chicks! The one I saw peeping out from under her feathers was white, so I figure that one is a leghorn/polish cross (the rooster is a polish). I could hear several others peeping, but haven't seen them yet. I'll post pictures when the hen brings them out. It's exciting! Absolutely zero work on my part - the hen and Mother Nature took care of the rest! She's a first time broody hen, so we'll see how she does.
How great is that!! Please do share pictures when mama will allow it. Please make sure she has enough to eat and drink so doesn't have to leave them alone.
Picture attached! She brought the chicks over with rest of the flock today, so they are already integrated!
I'll get some better pictures tomorrow. She was pretty protective today. I saw four chicks altogether - they all looked the same, so I suspect they are all white leghorn/buff laced polish crosses.
She is a pretty girl! Thank you. Her sisters all look just like her, so sometimes it's hard to figure out which one is the momma hen! I've got four of them.
No, she was sold as part of a package of "Rainbow Layers" from McMurray's Hatchery. They were all supposed to be standard sized. She and her sisters are fine boned, but don't appear significantly smaller than the others.

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