My first year


6 Years
Apr 23, 2013
Hello, I'm from Wyoming. Bought a house on 5 acres and starting my second family aka chickens. I bought eggs online and place them in an incubator. Today is day 21 and I have one pip but nothing on my others. Hoping for more. I also placed the eggs my hen turkey laid and looks like ill have 5 hatch in another week. I have 3 ducks one is a year old a magpie drake named Plucky and the other two barely have their feathers coming in who I have named Puck and Finn. First year taking and hatching my first batch.
Greetings from Kansas, Lovebirds, and
! Great to have you aboard! I'm a rookie hatcher myself so I won't be of much help - I do know that shipped eggs seem to have a much lower hatch rate. You might visit the Incubating/Hatching thread for advice. Good luck to you!
I followed the instructions to the t and only candled once to see what I was executing at day 10 and 15. The one that has pipped has blood around the Hole Not too sure what this means or if its normal. Any ideas? Am I worrying too much?
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