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10 Years
Apr 23, 2013
Hello All,
First i'd like to thank all of you who unselfishly posted your designs and creations. I have been working on the design for a long time, thanks to the executive committee (tongue in cheek.)

Floor print is 8' x 8' with a 4' x 8' coop that is 18" off the ground
Watering with 6 nipples. The food bin is based on the YouTube by RobBob (et. al.) down under.
I will probably do something about the top of the food bin to keep them off and change the height of the water. It seems too low.
I'm in the Lake Erie region of Ohio and it can get pretty cold, so i'll post some of my design ideas for keeping the water from freezing.
I've got the food and water facing outward for now to watch them and see what i need to modify, but ultimately will try to get it situated so that i do not have to traipse through the run to fill and monitor.
Thanks again to all who have helped me through this journey, looking forward to the bounty the second week of Dec.

thanks and yes its vented in the eaves as well as the corrugated roofing does not have blocking.
I found a calculation that gave me an idea how much ventilation space required for the volume of the coop, but i cant find it to save my life right now.
but just in case, my OCD kicking in, I have the walls framed so that i can add another vent on either side of the coop.
There is a temp and humidity sensor in the coop to keep me updated on the status.
Very nice coop!!!! Love it!

See that eave at the highest point? I would cut a slit the entire length of that space from one side of the coop to the other. And just as thick as that section is. Chickens need about 1 square foot per bird of vent space to stay warm and dry during the winter or any very humid time.

Otherwise, nice digs!

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