my g-pa or g-ma let my rabbits out when i told her not too!!!! help!!

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    Oct 15, 2009
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    well while i was at school my nanny(step grandma) or poppy(step grandma) let my rabbits out. my MALE rabbits. nanny told me that if the rabbits ever go with out food again then shes gonna let them out. well i gave them food last night and sometime today while i was at school they ran out of food. yes they are my rabbits but like i said they ran out when i was at school so i couldnt have done nothing about it.the least she could do was fill the food up. i mean come on. well i already had a mommy rabbit and her 5 babies out running around but the babies are no where to be seen. NO WHERE!! when i got home my mom said you better go and get your rabbits. nanny let them out. i said AHHHH CRAP!!!! so i went out caught the meanest of the two and put him back. the other is not going very good. i cant catch him because i think he is in shock because the other one messed him up pretty bad. hes so scared when i tried to catch him he ran from me as fast as he could. i couldnt even catch him with a net. i was about 5 feet away sneaking up on him and i could hear him breathing real heavily and he is bleeding out of his nose and mouth. real bad and he wont let he catch him!!!!!!!!! what do i do. will he die or blood loss. i know it was partily my faut but nanny could have at least filled the food up bc i told her they would try to kill eachother. what do i do to stop him from bleeding!!!!????
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    Well I would say that you and nanny need to have a talk about a ride to the vet(on her dime). No it wasn't right that they ran out of food but it is her fault that they got hurt. But that is me. I would also spend a couple of bucks and go get padlocks for your cages. Also create a cage card. That way anyone can read when things have been done but be honest about it. Also get larger feeders for them and make sure you check them BEFORE you go to school.
    On the cage card put time and date columns for

    Also talk to your mom about this. Ultimately they are your responsiblility but what was done was animal cruelty.
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  3. I agree with BarbK.
    You need to have a serious talk with your nanny. Nothing you could of had done about them running out of food while you were at school. Can't be in 2 different places at once. I only fed my rabbits once a day, filled their bowls up full in the morning, if they run out, they would have to wait until the next feeding time. My rabbits were FAT for Florida Whites. As for water, they never run out of.
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    Many Humane Society chapters lend have-a-heart traps. Maybe you can get one to catch your bunny.
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    Do rabbits need food by them constantly?if so, someone needs to let ours out also I feed our rabbit once a day and water him as he needs it and he is fat and sassy.If I am not mistaking i read somewhere that rabbits do not need food by them all the time it makes them to fat and unhealthy,but with that said I totally agree with Barbk put up some kind of feeding chart to let others know that they have been taking care of.
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    Get the cages on the ground, open the doors, and hopefully they will return to their 'Safe" home before it gets much darker. I am so sorry this happened. I hope the rabbits only look in bad shape.
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    Quote:That's what I've read too.
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    I didn't let my rabbits have pellets 24/7 as they were miniatures proned to weight problems. However I did try to keep something in there for them to keep those teeth busy all the time, such as a wad of good hay and wood chew toys.

    However, before we all rush to judgement, we don't know what g-ma and g-pa have gone through filling in the blanks on petcare. I don't think locks are the way to go rather than try to work things out with g-ma and g-pa by taking the full responsibility for the animals that they expect. If someone did that to me and the rabbits were on the property, I'd probaly just give rabbit and cage away or call the pound.
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    I just had another thought. I saw in your signature line that you had 8 rabbits. Did she turn them all loose? If so how many are does that are going to have babies from in 30 days?
  10. Quote:yikes, i dont think anyone would want to know [​IMG]

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